Tom French is a highly collectible and well-regarded British artist whose powerful monochromatic canvases are driven by his efforts to engage with the subconscious, and a rigorous pursuit of truth. French’s paintings are a visual discourse on Dualism, a philosophy that posits that the mind and the brain are not identical, that the mind is the seat of consciousness and the brain the seat of intellect. His concerns with the duality of the physical and the metaphysical, are reflected in the double images that populate his artwork. Faces, figures and skulls repeat and shadow one-another, there are echoes of Rorschach’s psychometric tests in the mirroring and the monochromatic palette, and intuitive, gestural brushstrokes tap the subconscious. 

Tom French’s artistic and intellectual investigations into the human psyche are an attempt to understand the flux and flow of our emotional reactions and reflections on our subjective self. French chooses a monochrome palette, the simplicity of which allows for narrative without distraction and for the play of light and dark to expand in unexpectedly haunting ways. 

French has had critically acclaimed solo exhibitions both in the UK and the US, collaborations have included the cover artwork for a release of the soundtrack to cult movie Donnie Darko. 

"Each scene is a snapshot of a story, with a dynamic between the characters working on various levels, which ties into the bigger picture; there's much more to these images than illusion alone." - Tom French